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More Than 20 Years Of Cooling System Product Customization Capabilities

Panqi automobile manufacturing company (AKJ for short) has always been in a leading position
in the fields of thermal management, cooling system, after-treatment system and so on.
Products are used in HVAC and engine cooling systems for on- and off-road vehicles and also design,
manufacture and test heat transfer products for a variety of applications and markets.

Our customers are mainly from north America and Europe, we have established business cooperation
with some well-known customers, and AKJ is designated as a reliable partner by customers.

AKJ Is A Full-Service Provider Of Custom-Designed Developing

OEM/ODM Wholesale And Retail

We are cooling systems for vehicles on road and
off road. manufacturer from China. We provide OEM Services.
Please Send us your requirments. We will contact you soon.

EGR cooler / Heater Core / After Cooler / Oil Cooler

In-depth Customization In The Cooling System Market For
Transportation, Fields, Refrigeration, Etc.

Logo labeling and light customization of the outer box

From the initial design concept, R&D, ID, verification, board manufacturing, trial production, testing to final mass production, we follow a meticulous process.

Focus On

Product Category

The EGR cooling system is a device set up to reduce NOx emissions from vehicle exhaust, and it is an exhaust gas recirculation system. The temperature of the exhaust gas is as high as 600 °C. Before entering the engine intake system, it must be cooled. The EGR cooler can meet this demand. AKJ has numerous customers in Europe and the United States, and supports the development of complex products.

EGR Cooler

The EGR cooling system is a device set up
to reduce NOx emissions from vehicle exhaust, and it is an exhaust gas recirculation system.

Oil Cooler

The oil cooler is a device that accelerates the heat dissipation of the lubricating oil to keep it at a lower temperature.

Charge Air Cooler

The charge air cooler is a mechanical device used to cool the compressed gas.

Heater Core

The Heater core is a complete set of devices that blow cold air to the surface of the heat exchange.

We ensure that every product sent to customers has passed the simulated automobile horizontal vibration test, the reliability test of cold and heat shock, and the leak test in a sealed environment.

Before the customer makes a large shipment, we will make a pre-production sample first, and send it to the customer for testing. After the customer passes the inspection, the large product will be produced. If there is a problem with our product quality in the middle, we will bear our responsibility!

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