EGR Cooler

The EGR cooler is the core component of the EGR cooling system, which can effectively reduce NOx emissions. At higher car speeds, a small amount of exhaust gas is redirected into the intake valves. Exhaust gas temperature affects NOx emissions. The lower the temperature of the exhaust gas, the better the NOx suppression effect of the engine. Normally, exhaust temperature of the engine is as high as 600-700 degrees Celsius. The EGR cooler can reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas entering the cylinder and reduce the heat load of the engine.

In the field of EGR coolers, AKJ R&D team will develop and produce high-quality, high performance and high-environmental EGR coolers according to customer needs and product drawings according to different product needs and models.

Radiator EGR Cooler Radiator For Navistar Maxxforce OEM 5010587R95 1113 25132


Egr Cooler Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Fit Cummins Engine Cummins ISB 6.7L 2007-2015 OEM 288169RX


EGR Cooler Truck Part Suitable For MAN OEM 51081007021 51081007104


EGR Cooler Suitable For SCANIA P G R T-Series Bus F K N-Series OEM 1803282 1803282


EGR Cooler for Volvo D13 Mack MP8 2008-2016 OEM 21480645 85136428 85124969


EGR COOLER RE522589 Suitable for JOHN DEERE Tractor EGR Heat Exchanger 240/250/270/290/460/620/622/640/644/648


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