EGR Cooler

Types of EGR coolers

  1.  Plate-fin heat exchanger

    It is composed of heat transfer elements and fins. The plate-fin heat exchanger is 25%-50% higher than the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Most of the materials are mainly aluminum alloy. The process requirements are high and complex, and high-temperature waste is easy to encounter in the cooler. Cold carbon deposits, blockage, difficult maintenance.

  2.  Shell and tube heat exchanger

    It is composed of the object and many tube bundles, and the cold and hot flow on the tube wall performs heat exchange, cleaning and operation, and the structure is simple and convenient. According to the market demand, this type is more popular with our current customers. Under this type, we AKJ will involve: bare tube EGR cooler, bow baffle type EGR cooler, bellows type EGR cooler, finned EGR Cooler, spiral baffle type EGR cooler.

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