EGR Cooler

The common problems for EGR Coolers

  1. White smoke from EGR cooler and engine overheating alarm
  2. The cooling efficiency of the EGR cooler is too low
  3. EGR cooler emits black smoke
  4. EGR cooler leakage and carbon deposition
  5. For the problem of fatigue fracture of EGR cooler
  6. The engine warning light comes on

How to solve


For these common problems, the AKJ team and engineers will increase the diameter of the cooling tube and the thickness of the tube wall to reduce the stress concentration of the brazing fillet and reduce the possibility of fracture. At the same time, the low melting point phosphorus-containing solder XHBNI is used -5 can reduce the amount of dissolution of the base metal, reduce the degree of grain growth, and improve the fatigue life of the solder joint. And it can effectively solve the problem of water leakage in the internal heat pipe. At the same time, our current design principle of spiral heat pipe is also an effective solution to the problem of carbon deposition inside the product.


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